Michael Leunig

Scan of the one with the bird and the caption - 'When the heart is cut or cracked or broken, Do not clutch it, Let the wound lie open. Let the wind, From the good old sea blow in, To bathe the wound with salt, And let it sting. Let a stray dog lick it, Let a bird lean in the hole and sing, A simple song like a tiny bell, And let it ring.

    Michael Leunig is a cartoonist here in Melbourne, Australia.

For a brief bio, click here, courtesy of Richard at the Curly Flat site

For reasons known only to myself, I have divided the following links into 3 categories -

[ Actual cartoons
[ Interviews WITH Leunig
[ Pages which discuss Leunig or his cartoons/poems/prayers

Cropped image of cave family 'watching' a drawing ... from the Leunig cards site ... :)

Actual Cartoons -

Curly Flat - a site with many of Leunig's works and info

CLICK here for my personal favourite. Your opinion may vary.

CLICK here for his cartoon about 'gurus'

CLICK here for his cartoon about 'how to hold onto it'

The Travelling Leunig - book review & some of his best stuff

A Michael Leunig Appreciation

Cartoons about the Aussie flag

Cropped from one of my faves that ended up with Dave?? 'The Plodder' ... :)

Cartoon about the WWW

Some Leunig Poems

The Pastoral Company has a cartoon from his book of Common Prayer

Short notes from the long history of happiness

Leunig Cards & Mugs {& links to Museum of Cartoon Art}

Some thoughts on anger, and more digression has one of Leunig's toons
as does this page on the same site. As well as here

Australian Online Bookshop has The Penguin Leunig & other titles

Workplace bargaining has one of his catoons

Small image cropped from the yearning cartoon ...

July 2001 Update:


True Happiness

The Plodder

Small image of 'the kiss'

October 2001 Update:

Teapot of Truth stamp collection     or     click here

A few more toons after September 11th

Cropped from one of the Teapot of Truth stamps - very cute ... :)

Mood swing

My big toe cartoon

February 2002 Update:

L is for Love {added Feb 2002} has a couple of his cartoons

This page has his Lifeache cartoon    {or click here}

Summer Diary {also from 2002}

Why do we do it?

My big toe

Sitting on the fence

We struggle ...

Re-enchantment {all added Feb 2002}

Plus one more Summer Diary cartoon ... :)

Leunig 2002 calendar          or Click here & scroll down to Leunig ...

Creek life - from Falls gallery

Interview on ABC's 'Compass' program

A few more toons around April & May 2002 ...

Short & curly

Large Leunig Gallery at 'The Age' website                                     {e.g. More to life}

{Update: the location of the cartoon gallery seems to have changed - click here Aug 2002}

{There's also a gallery at the SMH site}

Leunig's fragile, magical world brought to life

Falls Gallery

Parables, Lullabies and Secrets

Animated Leunig {added Feb 16, 2002}

Interview about the animated Leunig series

Interview with Terry Lane on ABC radio

Becky's place & her Leunig collection

Fridge-door philosopher branches out


Letter from NY

Interesting quotes page ...

A few more toons around April & May 2002 ...

{Huge directory of cartoonsits including Leuing}

Short Notes from the Long History of Happiness available online

A 'divider' in the form of a kite on a long piece of string

Cropped image from that classic cartoon about the WWW and Grandma!!! :)

Interviews -

Interview with the Melbourne Anglican - 'The loneliness of believing'

Interview with 3RRR a Melbourne radio station, courtesy of Richard at the Curly Flat site

Sketches of eternity - interview with Shoot the messenger

Looking for life's golden thread: Interview on Radio National

Small image of 'sea of humanity'

Sites which discuss Leunig or his cartoons/poems/prayers -

Cartooning & Creativity

Article at depressioNet - 'With God on our side ...'

Why dogs sniff each others tails, courtesy of Richard at the Curly Flat site

Humour & Creativity

Cartoons As as a Catalyst for Therapeutic Change

Reflections for times of difficulty

A Common Prayer

Cropped image from the greatest magician of them all ...

Fear or Love?

Resources for spiritual information

More mention of his book Short notes from the long history of happiness

Chris Madden Cartoons


Small image of 'principle of sanity and beauty'

Contemplation sites

Page which mentions text of one of his cartoons

A personal list of 'Can't do without' books

Special Melbourne things

Letters to the editor

Leunig deprivation

Cropped image from http://www.ivanetdesign.com/beachside/images/main_logo.gif

A quotes page which contains some Leunig


They relentlessly pursue the soul

Peter & the wolf

Petrel head

Sunday Night Live sermons

Interesting collection of things people have said about various things (could I be more vague? )

Wild Ducks

A couple of poems

Crop of God saying sorry??

Zadok Online mentions one of his best cartoons of a parent and child watching a sunset on television while through the window the reality occurs, but is ignored.

Aussies Abroad

Angel Fall


Australian cartoon & caricatures

Some Leunig links? - most are defunct but it's a vaguley interesting webpage (given that everything is inthe eye of the beholder )

Australian Cartoonists

Book cover of the Penguin Leunig ... :)

Here is The FULL Google search - I've explored basically 1-80 (or those that caught my eye

Then you could try his book of Common Prayer

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